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Exceptional Children (Special Education)

School & District Contacts:
Hayesville Primary School: 828-389-3763   
Principal: Heather Plemmons [email protected]
     Michelle Calascione  [email protected]
     Heather Lovingood  [email protected]
     Beth Leopard  b[email protected]
Hayesville Elementary School:  828-389-8586
Principal:  Karissa Teague  [email protected] 
     Carly Anderson  [email protected]
     Krysta English  [email protected]
     Cayce Ledford  [email protected]
Hayesville Middle School:  828-389-9924
Principal:  Missy Rich  [email protected]
Asst Principal:  Amanda Coker [email protected]
     Shannon Hogsed  [email protected]
     Melanie Nazelrod  [email protected]
     Angie Sevig  [email protected]
Hayesville High School:  828-389-6532
Principal:  Stacey Overlin  [email protected]
Asst Principal: Jill White [email protected] 
     Stephanie Foley  [email protected]
     Aneka James  [email protected]
     Judy Jennings  [email protected]
Related Service Providers:
Speech Language Pathologists:
Jill Baxter  [email protected]
Emily Hensley  [email protected]
Kelley Rogers-Gibby  [email protected]
School Psychologist:  Courtenay Sumpter  [email protected]
Physical Therapist:  Erin Ledford  [email protected]
Contracted Occupational Therapy Service: Beautifully Intertwined
Behavior Support Staff:
          Melissa Cheek, Behavior Support Liaison [email protected]
          Melissa Mariano, Behavior Support Assistant PK-5
School Social Worker: Terri Hager, [email protected]

North Carolina has a continuing Child Find procedure in place to locate all children with disabilities residing in the State, including children with disabilities attending private schools, regardless of the severity of their disability, and who are in need of special education and related services. This effort also includes highly mobile children with disabilities (such as migrant and homeless children) and children who are suspected of being a child with a disability and in need of special education. The purpose of this procedure is to enhance public understanding of exceptional children and youth with special needs, to identify and locate the children and youth, and to inform the public of available services. The collection and use of data to meet the requirements of Child Find are subject to the confidentiality requirements.

To make Child Find a success, it is important that local education agencies (LEAs) work with the medical community and agencies providing services to children, including health departments, social service agencies, local management entities for Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services and Children’s Developmental Service Agencies. Other community programs should also be involved such as area services for the blind and deaf, child care programs, developmental day centers, Head Start programs and private/parochial schools.

Child Find Brochure - English
Child Find Brochure - Spanish

Child Count            CCS Count
April 2024                 205 (15.7%)
December 2023       194 (14.7%)
April 2023                 199 (15.4%)
December 2022       204 (15.5%)
April 2022                 216 (17.3%)
December 2021       210 (16.6%)
April 2021                     208
December 2020           203