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About Us

  • 1244 Enrollment
    We believe small is better because no students fall through the cracks
  • 4 Schools
    All 4 schools are located on the same campus.
  • 58% NBCT
    and/or Teachers with Advanced Degrees
  • 58 Sport Teams & Clubs
    We believe students learn leadership with participation in extracurricular activities.
  • 192 Employees
    Our Teacher to Student Ratio is 1:12
  • 93.6%Graduation Rate
    We want all students to graduate ready for post-secondary success.

Recent News

Updated CDC recommendations 1/19/2022

Per new CDC recommendations and discussion with CCHD as of 2/1/22 all those eligible for booster and are 12 and older (see attached PDF) will need to have received a booster to be considered fully vaccinated and exempt from quarantine.

Upcoming Events

School Board Meeting

Time: 6 PM – 7 PM
Location: Clay County Board of Education Board Room
School Seal

Mission Statement

The mission of Clay County Schools is to build high quality learning environments that ensure all students learn at high levels.
In CCS, we envision providing educational environments of the highest quality, created by professionals of the highest quality, leading to all students learning at high levels, and culminating in every student graduating on time and prepared for their next step.