Clay County Child Find & EC Services

Within the Policies Governing Services for Children with Disabilities (Department of Public Instruction), are detailed procedures that outline the rules and regulations that Clay County Schools must follow for the delivery of special education services. Services are provided under the following areas of identification for persons ages 3 - 21:

AU - Autism Spectrum Disorder

DB - Deaf/Blindness

DD - Developmental Delay

DF - Deafness

ED - Serious Emotional Disability

HI - Hearing Impairment

ID - Intellectual Disability

LD - Specific Learning Disability

MU - Multiple Disabilities

OH - Other Health Impairment

OI - Orthopedic Impairment

SI - Speech or Language Impairment

TB - Traumatic Brain Injury

VI - Visual Impairment including Blindness

If your child is struggling with school assignments or behvioral issues, please set up a Parent Conference with your child’s classroom teacher to discuss your concerns. There are many options of interventions to help struggling students in our schools.

If a child is suspected of having a disability that requires Specially Designed Instruction, referrals can be made by teachers or by parents in writing, signed and dated. We ask that parent please not write a referral inside a student’s planner as this is a document that must be retained for our records. If you need help in making a written referral, your child’s classroom teacher, a special education teacher/provider, principal/assistant principal, or the EC Director will be happy to help you. The Exceptional Children Program Director, Angel Owens, can be contacted at 828-389-8513 or emailed at

If you reside in Clay County but your child does not attend Clay County Schools and you suspect your child has a disability that requires specially designed instruction, please contact The Exceptional Children Program Director, Angel Owens, at 828-389-8513 or by email at A Service Provider from Clay County Schools will then contact you.

Once a referral is received, the parent will be contacted for an IEP Team meeting to discuss the process for referral and to determine whether to proceed with evaluations or whether more interventions may be offered by the school before evaluations are conducted. This is an IEP Team decision. The parent is a valuable member of the IEP Team.