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March 23, 2020

Clay County Schools Exceptional Children Program has been working the past couple weeks to prepare

for online special education and related service provisions for students. Due to Governor Roy Cooper’s

order to close schools and mandated social distancing, our providers are unable to conduct new face-to-

face evaluations until school resumes a normal schedule or when Governor Cooper lifts the mandate.

We will continue to hold IEP Annual Review meetings and Re-Evaluation meetings without testing by

phone conference however cannot proceed with Initial Eligibility Referral meetings if the evaluations

were not complete prior to March 13th. Likewise, we will not be accepting new referrals, as we are not in

the capacity to conduct those referral meetings without teachers being available to provide the data

necessary for the IEP Team to analyze and discuss to determine the need to proceed with an evaluation

to determine eligibility. Once Governor Cooper lifts the mandate, we will resume accepting referrals and

conducting the required referral meetings as well as conducting face-to-face evaluations that were

requested prior to this mandate.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Clay County Schools 2019-20 Exceptional Children Teacher of Excellence

Cayce Ledford is the 2019-2020 Clay County Schools Exceptional Children Teacher of Excellence... (cont'd)


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